Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Compliance

​Compliance Program development, implementation, and oversight for small and start-up medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Clinical Laboratory Compliance

​Guidance on billing for point-of-care testing, qualitative testing, and quantitative testing.

HIPAA Privacy & Security

Sound guidance on maintaining the privacy and security of patient information built from years of experience. 

Physician and Practitioners

​How can you identify and mitigate risk for Stark, informed consent, pain management laws, and other issues?

Compliance Program Assistance

From development and implementation to monitoring and assessment, we can strengthen your compliance efforts.

What We Do:

How can you effectively and efficiently operate while complying with all of the changing laws and regulations?


It is not enough to know that a new law or regulation has passed.  Health care organizations today must not only be aware of the changes and how the changes impact the organization, but must also be prepared to operationalize the changes.

Simply telling people to adhere to a new rule will ensure compliance for about 1 hour or until a newer piece of information is disseminated.  Instead, true compliance occurs by understanding how the organization functions, the triggers for compliant behavior, gently folding the compliance requirements into the existing functions, and then educating staff on the change and the significance of the change.

JD HealthCare Partners, LLC specializes in understanding how to comply with laws and regulations that impact health care organizations, but more importantly, has specific EXPERTISE in assisting organizations effectively implement the laws and regulations in a collaborative and productive manner.  Our experience working in and with all types of health care organizations gives us a depth of knowledge from which to craft meaningful and customized compliance solutions for our clients.

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Confidence through Compliance