Laboratory Compliance Programs

Clinical laboratories were the first segment of the healthcare industry to receive compliance program guidance from the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (OIG).  Since that time, the OIG has issued compliance program guidance for almost every other segment of the healthcare industry.  JD HealthCare Partners, LLC has worked with clinical laboratories to develop and implement compliance programs based on the seven elements of an effective compliance program, as set forth in the OIG's compliance program guidance.  In addition, JD HealthCare Partners, LLC has worked closely with the "Effectiveness Criteria" to help clinical laboratories and other healthcare organizations build an effective culture of compliance.

JD HealthCare Partners, LLC has provided

compliance expertise to clinical laboratories to help develop, implement, and maintain their compliance programs.  JD HealthCare Partners, LLC has also assisted clinical laboratories in responding to specific compliance inquiries and billing questions.  To learn more about how JD HealthCare Partners, LLC can help you, CONTACT us or see below for more information.

The following are documents prepared by JD HealthCare Partners, LLC to provide general guidance to clinical laboratories and other healthcare providers regarding urine drug testing, billing for urine drug testing, and pharmacogenetic testing (PGT):

The above documents are also available on our RESOURCES page under "Clinical Laboratory Compliance".

Clinical Laboratory Compliance

Lab Resources

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Pharmacogenetic Testing (PGT) can be a valuable tool for health care providers to gain critical information for the treatment of their patients.  PGT can help physicians protect their license, limit legal liability exposure, reduce risk and improve patient care. For both physicians and laboratories, it is important to understand why such testing may be medically necessary.  JD HealthCare Partners, LLC has put together a document of how PGT can provide valuable clinical information for healthcare providers.

Billing for Urine Drug Testing

Determining the proper code to use when billing for urine drug testing can be confusing.  JD HealthCare Partners, LLC has reviewed the codes, publications, and notices for qualitative urine drug testing and has documented its findings.  Two documents have been prepared, one for billing for confirmation urine drug testing, and another for billing qualitative confirmation urine drug testing for commercial payers.  Those documents are available for you on our RESOURCES  page under "Clinical Laboratory Compliance".